Connecting youth to God's creation

Through Adventure Camps

Our Passion and Mission

We are an active camping community impacting youth globally. We do adventure ministry focused on global camp programs that connect youth to the love of Christ through God’s creation.

Ends of the Earth Camping exists to connect youth to the love of Christ through epic adventures. Primarily, Ends Camping works with at-risk youth in Marathon, Florida on a sailboat as well as an annual 4-day program for girls who have been victims of violence and abuse in Kenya. Ends Pals connects the youth from these programs so youth can encourage youth across the globe.  Additionally, Ends Camping is continually creating and adding additional programs around the globe.

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Our Amazing Journey

What starts as a seemingly simple yes to God can be adventure-packed beyond your wildest dreams – that’s what happened to Erin. In 2020, God invited Erin to start a camp overseas. A few months later on a mission trip sailing to the Bahamas, the Lord extended that vision to start a camp on a sailboat for at-risk youth and connect them so troubled youth on one side of the world can connect with youth on the other. Ever since then, each day has been a wild adventure watching the Lord show up and provide – and you’re invited on this crazy journey!

Meet Our Team

The Ends Adventures Leadership Team serves as the crew members for all events. Together we leverage a diverse set of skills in non-profit administration, pastoral studies and events planning to deliver with excellence and make every adventure a success.

In Jesus' Name

We invite you to join us in multiple way such as sponsoring an at-risk youth, assisting with boat maintenance, connecting with youth and more!