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Wow, we get to do this?!!

We Are Missionaries

That’s right! All members of our crew, the Ends Camping Executive Team, are missionaries committed to sharing the gospel though charitable work.

Each missionary on the Ends Camping crew fundraises 100% of their salary through donations from churches and individuals like you.  Donations can be made to specific Ends Camping missionaries below.

When you join with us, you are a part of God’s global mission. Our Ends Camping crew are missionaries and you can be one too – by getting involved in multiple ways.

Ends Camping Crew


Executive Dreamer

Justin serves as Executive Director for Ends Adventures. Embracing the floppy-hat lifestyle, he’s been known to kayak 10 miles to a campsite that didn’t actually exist.  As of today, he’s caught 60+ species of fish, and most of them were delicious.  Camping in the jungle of Thailand was one of highlights of his life.  His favorite Bible verse(s) are 1 Timothy 4:7b-8. 


Computer Monkey

Matt serves as the Associate Director for Ends Adventures. Matt has been known to leap tall coconut trees in a single bound and has had aspirations of being a Ninja Turtle when he grows up. Matt’s life verse is ​Philippians 3:12-14.





Ends Camping Director

Erin serves as the Ends Camping Director for Ends Adventures. Erin felt called by God to pursue camp programs for at-risk youth, both overseas and locally. Having a background in biology, her heart is to use God’s creation to show youth how deeply loved they are.

Brian & Brenda Njos

Honorary Crew

Bryan and Brenda Njos assist in any and every task responsible for keeping Refuge in tip top shape for the Florida Keys program. From polishing stainless to plumbing toilets, these two live to serve God in the background, pointing all the glory to Him.